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25k RIP Off


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  1. in order for battle rap to get bigger it has to be watered down n unpurified to fit mainstream sponsors likes n dislikes … .. smack got greedy for money n ruined the culture ..bottom line..

  2. Bro why niggas hate so much on URL, So The Fuck What they have a 25k Tourney, other leagues should of thought of it first, Not only did the battlers have a chance at 25k they also got 1000s of new fans out it

  3. right 25k aint shit especially to 1 artist!!!! second should get 15k 3rd 7.5k and 4th 5k
    what they need to do is have a ranking system for volume 2 based on the battles they had this year like the NBA records

  4. You thinking about other people’s pockets. I bet half the niggas in the tournament ain’t got $25,000 right now. If you ain’t got $25,000 and you a battle rap what are you losing?

  5. This clown is hilarious he always act like he so smart & everybody else so dumb Like he putting us on to something… bruh anybody could figure out what they doing I'm sure all the battle rappers know that stop pocket watching with your broke ass


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