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2nd. Rape Victim Revealed Along With Indictment


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  1. Dam, I been going at Battle Truth the last 2-3 days for going at this situation and feeling like he was out of pocket . I’m man enough to say I was wrong Him and Adept actually have me looking at it another way. He has valid points period. It’s just a shame ….I was wrong

  2. I'm gonna keep it a buck..
    BT you better hope this foolishness doesn't come back and bite your worser than you're coming at Unbias.
    No matter WHAT you and that Adept dude try to present, doesn't delete the fact that the man is free. And what he's accused of HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BATTLE RAP COMMUNITY OR US as a whole.
    Not defending the man, don't know him or you…….but what I do know… when to stay the hell out of other folk's business that doesn't involve me and personal circle.
    And to go even further…..
    You literally look and sound defensive against a man who's defending himself against YOU.
    I get it though…..slow new's in the battle rap world, nothing much to discuss to keep them YouTube checks floating in.
    But like I said previously…
    You better hope all this daaaaammmnnn foolishness you're running with don't come back worser on you somehow.
    Everybody hides something……even from themselves, don't ever forget that!

  3. Man truth on his ass but he never said Shannon and kierra was the same people he was showing the age of the alleged sodomy rape victim if you go back to the initial charge dates the sodomy rape was added while Chris was locked up so unless it’s two sodomy cases idk why there is one for 2015 and 2017

    0:00 Intro
    14:26 The 2nd victim
    21:55 The Indictment paperwork
    47:17 Adept HNIC chimes in
    1:34:32 Bond Modification Paperwork(Why theres no ankle bracelet and more)
    1:39:20 Chris Unbias' story in short
    1:40:43 2019 charges(Forgery)
    1:47:14 Samurai championz Chimes in (⚠️WARNING HEAVY STUTTERING shouts out to him for having the confidence to speak)
    1:52:03 Capital K chimes in
    1:54:08 Polo from Black Compass Media hops on and gets informed
    2:22:37 Adept HNIC is back on the live
    2:29:24 Samurai Chimes in some more (outro)

  5. This man clearly don’t know how charges work and y’all dumb as fuck for buying into this shit…he obviously painting his own narrative based off the accusations…mean while all these charges are basically dismissed smh fucking fools

  6. If Chris is guilty he should hang himself.
    *on a side note just in general. Anybody who puts court documents of any kind for an open case on the internet Is A FU**kiNg Fool.
    This internet age is so WEIRD!!

  7. Question I have: did the dj use the same car he switched out with you, to bring the equipment? If so, if the equipment was brought there in that car, why wouldn't it fit?

  8. It’s crazy that a convicted felon such as battle truth is siding with the criminal justice system and is a fake judge and wanna be lawyer. That’s SICKKKK mfs really do do anything for clout smh.

  9. 191 dislikes..that means that there are 191 people who condone the action of chris Unbias..a guy that who was even if lied on has been caught in multiple lies himself.. its not like it was one rape and maybe he could've been lied on but it was multiple rapes and malicious crimes…I could never rock with anybody with those type on things on their jacket

  10. He had the fake money to gank the girl off back b4 she got there and she caught on and snapped and the story goes from there but he shouldnt lied about none bcuz 1 lie means its more lies

  11. This video is a 1990’s mike tyson rib shot this make more sense then what Chris was sayin.All the ppl in the BRC siding with Chris when they didn’t do a thorough background check on things should be ashamed.If battle truth can get in contact with this woman niggas can kiss Chris Unbias goodbye


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