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30,000 Subscriber Livestream | Nerd of the Rings #TolkienTuesday

30000 Subscribers! Join us as we celebrate and discuss a NEW Tolkien book coming in 2021, upcoming gaming livestreams, open Q&A and more! Tuesday …


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  1. Hi Tolkien friends ( wow , a new book about the great J.R.R. TOLKIEN !! Just great !! The nature of Middle-Earth : I can’t believe it ! Great a « self-gift » for Christmas !!!! Just a small question : I’m a follower of the Nerd of the Rings BUT, when you exchange with other followers « directly » unfortunately, right now, I’m in GENEVA ( and my friend just fell in sleep !! )
    By the way, my best phrase from Gimli, is when ( on Helm’s Deep ) Aragorn, and him, passed trough a hidden door, on the side of the tower, and Aragorn wants to literally « throw Gimli on the bridge, to kill « few fu……. orcs » and Gimli says to Aragorn, «  not by the barb !!!! »
    I like this passage, among others, but this one is just great.

    By to all of you !
    P.S. when you say « gosh », I heard « gash », that means FIRE, in black speech !

  2. Congratulations on the subscribers! You deserve it.
    Been a fan since your video on how Middle Earth would make a Great theme park. Awesome ideas!
    Thanks for covering the Natures of Middle Earth, the news of the book kinda went away for a while.

    Can't wait for the channel to get to 40k!

  3. Greetings, friend. I was hoping you would tackle a question that we had. Do you think an elf would turn invisible if they wore the One Ring? I thought the answer was a clear yes, but apparently people say no, because of the link some elves have with Aman, making them partially in the "wraith realm". But we know elves don't see the person wearing the One Ring. So, what gives?

  4. You are the first person I've supported on YouTube, I've had some trepidation about doing so over the years, but I'm very glad I decided to join your channel! Looks like I waited the right amount of time to finally take that plunge! Thanks for all you do, have a good day!


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