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50Cent GOES All The Way In, Gucci Mane CROSSED The Line 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

50Cent GOES All The Way In, Gucci Mane CROSSED The Line 🤦 ‍♂️🤦 ‍♂️ Become Celebs Source Member to get access to perks: …


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Comment (32)

  1. 50 gay he love to see bullshit what happen back when he got shot in the face JEEZY A GROWN MAN THAT Realize THAT ANYONE CAN BE GOT GOD DON'T CARE ABOUT MONEY JEEZY LIKE I WANT TO LIVE FOR MY FAMILY

  2. Jeezy literally dissing 50 in his new album that he promoted at the versus but he still defending him? When did everyone get so soft. Guwap a real G, can’t nobody say otherwise.

  3. When gucci makes the disrespectful diss and that dude says "broke the internet." To him i say shut the fuck up..that beef is deep and between them…dont instigate or hype it up

  4. If the court grants that bitch 2 mil a month. There is no way you can tell me the system aint set up against men and ESPECIALLY black men. Call it like it is celeb source. He weak

  5. Just a heads up @Celeb Source your videos are informative but viewers HATE it when bloggers try and make the vid about themselves vs just reporting…OneHundo

  6. That's what's wrong with people they always think that you're supposed to respond in a certain what this man tried to kill him okay wanted him dead if he was that he wouldn't even be able to be on that stage so why can't you just let him vent he's just venting he's he's healing you know that was even big for him to even be on the stage with him. Couldn't even be me so I don't know why I keep coming that would you like that


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