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7 Things That RUIN your VLOGS! 📷 | Vlogging Tips | Make Boring Vlogs Better

Hello beautiful people,

I hope you are well ❤️! Today, we discuss things that can ruin your vlogs. Taking some of the things that I mention in this video can make boring vlogs better. There are no rules so do what works for you but these are just from my experience here.

I watch a lot of vlogs – they are my favourite type of videos here on YouTube and these are just things I noted when watching both my own vlogs back and other people’s vlogs.

Catch you in the comments!

xo, Mutombo.

A B O U T M E :
• I am Cameroonian
• I attend the University of Cape Town (UCT)
• Camera: Canon M50
• Editing software: Filmora9 (Wondershare)
• Main content: videos (vlogs) showing my day, my activities, explorations or travels
• Current subscriber count: 2037


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