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8 Ways To RUIN a David Gilmour Solo!

edit: I meant to say “I took from both the recorded version and the LIVE versions when I played the first solo.”** I deleted my last upload because I felt I could …


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  1. VERY well done. Very Informative for me. I'm a metal player, but grew up on Gilmour and I notice a lot of his stuff comes out in my solos oddly enough. There's a small part in Mother that I previously realized I'd stolen from something in Darkside. But the Mother version, is likely closer to what I'd "reappropriated" 🙂

  2. I only discovered raking because I was looking at some tablature once and I saw this funny squiggle before a bend. I listened to the track again and I heard the sound. I had always thought previously that it was a problem with the amp or feedback or something accidental but I loved whatever it was. Now I know it is deliberate and replicates the intake of breath that a singer takes when necessary.

  3. I don't know how this was recommended to me by YT rather than I'm a Pink Floyd fan, but it's one of the very rare times YT doesn't actually fuck up, instead it get me into a pretty cool content although I'm not a guitar player.

  4. I like this topic.. That is why guitar player need to learn the techniques because it help to create feel and emotions also makes our guitar singing. The very basics techniques to learn is vibrato, pull off, hammer on, slide, bending and also legato/staccato.. You can learn tapping, sweeping, pinch harmonic etc after learn that..But if you are rock/metal player you need to put "palm muting" into the most important technique to learn. I'm not advising you I'm just sharing something may be useful for anyone who went here.. Thanks for sharing this good content.

  5. 4:32 "Gilmour is a master of space…"
    This statement is key to understand why Gilmour is one of the greatest guitar players of all time, but unfortunately some people have trouble understanding it.
    Excellente video!

  6. That "wrong" version almost made me vomit! I hate covering Gilmour solos, and I always harshly judge Floyd cover bands. It's tough to do it justice, but your micro-management of learning the Mother solo lead you to do a near-perfect rendition, so congrats 🙂 I'm going to cover the Coming Back To Life 2nd solo soon, love the emotion in that one.

  7. Is that The Black Burst San Dimas? I got one of those… And yes, David Guilmour is absolutely special and a great influence in my love for guitar! Great video! Watching you play a Guilmour solo in that guitar brings sense to my choice for the BB Sand Dimas Charvel!


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