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A hitman encounters a group of obnoxious YouTubers. And they ruin everything. | Sergey's Fortune

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  1. Another wonderful short! I love how the characters are so opposite – an older Russian dude (with an accent) and young American kids (with their Millenial "speak" accents). Sergei drives a vintage Chevy and wears vintage clothing and has a flip phone while the kids are wearing T-shirts ("Frunk as Duck") and have smartphones and a GoPro – the old days vs the new days

  2. just like a simple chemical reaction that starts a chain of events in an experiment in a school chemistry class everything u do sets off a chain of events. something as simple as peeing on the road can cause your death. well done omeleto for teaching me something valuable today. from now on i will always be curious as to what kind of events the things i do can unlock.


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