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A Scold Day in Hell: Progressives Poised to Ruin Your Thanksgiving with Political Lectures

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  1. How true gentleman, great talk, I miss my Father ( He past: 01/21/2001) and as Scott said , I regret every argument I had with him, I now know he was the Smartest man I have ever met in my life and I made his life hell trying to raise my stupid ass. I love you dad and miss you so much. He is my Hero! and there are so few around today that could even come close to Him or what he accomplished in his life. R.I.P LCDR. F.L.CLARK USN 31 APR. 42 – 31 MAY 68

  2. what my grandpa would think about all this going on weights heavy on my brow.
    i had the blessing of being around my wonderful grandmother in my adult life. yet i still wish i could have more time.

  3. Scott really pulled a mic drop on this one. Much as I love Bill and Steve…. the episode should have ended with Scott staring meaningfully, silently, eyes-glossy into the camera. There really wasnt more to say.

  4. Matthew 10:21 21 And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.

  5. This year has been so crazy. I have forgotten more than a dozen times today that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I have sat at the feet of the Lord while he has been showing me what has been going on: politically and spiritually. And in these times I have spent much of it wishing I could speak to my grandfather. A brilliant, kind, and incredibly wise with a side dose of a wicked sense of humor. Wouldn't trade him for anything. As a young girl 6-7 yrs old, I started asking questions like "what is respect?" Those questions netted me a 3 hr lecture, but I knew, somewhere in me, I knew I needed to know what he did. And I worked very hard to sit through the whole 3 hrs. First time I sat for 45 min. I got a good pat on the back for doing so at 7 yrs old. By the time I was 12 I was able to do 2 hr 45 min at a go. No other family member could sit that long, nor were they inclined to. Now I realize this has made me a very strange child. I have always been insanely inquisitive. My thirst for knowledge has never been properly sated, and I suspect it never will. My grandfather passed away when I was 12. To this day I can't talk about him without crying. There were so many more questions I had for him that now I have to search on my own, and I'm nearly 40. Probably my biggest grieving moment was that I was mad at myself because I couldn't remember all the important things he told me and tried to tell me. As it is today, I am the loud, passionate person that will talk about politics, mainly because I'm a bit of a reclusive mad scientist that is constantly studying things with no proper outlet, lol. But even so, I would dearly like to speak with him again. So if anyone needs to read this, don't throw your grandparents/parents away. They have experienced more of life than you have. And PS, oh by the way, military stories are the best. wink God bless, all of you men for the work you have done and continue to do. I have learned so much from all of you. Thank you.

  6. So Scott doesn’t like the idea of beating someone with a cinder block, but using a pencil eraser is funny. That would be an interesting continuum to trace.
    My dad was a racist. Black families he knew had transcended their racial inferiorities (in his eyes) and he was unfailingly friendly and polite to them since they apparently had overcome their genetic deficit. I was appalled when I comprehended that attitude. I didn’t confront him, and no doubt had wisdom to impart, but knowing that about him forced me to filter and question pretty much everything else he tried to impart to me. I just couldn’t trust his judgement knowing that.

  7. You "smart" people are woefully out of touch. Do you have ANY idea what the rhetoric is on the other side? Some people have families that are TFG and maybe they can still save themselves. These people are willing to and have commited actual physical violent attacks and murders based on the most extreme neofascist propaganda and you all want to sit here and lecture us on moderation and gratitude???you all are the reason weve become a generation of renter's never being able to actually own anything or acquire any wealth, the reason we're in monumental DEBT because you all told us it was the only way to get to a future that's doesn't fucking exist anymore, moderates are the reason why our government can't pass a fart much less actual legislation that could actually tangibly help the poor, working poor, working and lower middle class!so good, keep having your boomer ass feel good, no responsibility taking ass conversations. You need to get out of your fucking bubble and try living in the real world for a day. Morons. Easy to criticize from your crystal castle, while were down here in the mud doing the trench warfare needed to advance progressive issues. FOH your the reason the democratic party hasn't delivered for the American people in 50+ years. Thanks for that.

  8. Scott you made me cry. I’m 59. Not the soy boy at all. God bless you. The preacher in you came out. Love ya brother. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. And remember Matthew 28:18

  9. The difference between the old days and now is that as teenagers and twentysomethings we could spout out our know-nothing socialist shite, but nobody was listening to it very much – then we grew up. Nowadays the young are having those views listened to and validated. God help us.

  10. Way to keep it light Scott!! Lol. I lost my father, mother and brother in the last 3 years and what you said really hit me. Great segment, have a great holiday.

  11. Thankfully, we managed to get through 6 hrs with our daughter without anything controversial coming up except 1. We told her about her dad arguing with a subway store. She is a total covid will kill us all believer. She lives in the state but doesn't want to visit or us to visit because she's so sure that she will definitely give it to us…we're in our mid 40s. She never had a problem with visits prior to this. Even our son in the Marines asked if he should come home after his deployment because he might contaminate us. Ffs, yes we have some health problems but our family is more important! If we get it, it's not a death sentence for most people. Keeping the family connection, imho, is far more important than worrying about something with a a 99+% recovery rate

  12. That morality was what was missing from Man of Steel.

    It's sad that just as technology matured sufficiently for superhero movies, the writers lost their ability to write a fun, moral, and inspiring movie.


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