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  1. Niggas saying his 3rd was his best round. Nah his second was and he clearly won that round. And he won that 3rd by default and he had good material. So yea they robbed that man and I don’t even like Ace. He had him losing before the battle

  2. Minnesota Puke is a clown. Smack and Beas are clowns for bookin him to judge again. This was a bad weekend for URL credibility on a whole. If you support this bullshit you part of the problem too. No cap.

  3. Cor kills.. it gets vaulted , he gets judge battles vs head ice (wins both) but lost both by judges. Cor always getting done foul and guess it ain't gonna stop now. Salute cortez tho, good win

  4. I'm not a fan of Ace never have never will be nothing about him that I like but I watch this battle and I can admit ace got a ride. Ace won the second and Ace won the third Cortez choked in the third round about three God damn times so Ace automatically got that third Cortez won the first round and Ace won the second round. Battle rap is b***** now…

  5. Calling it as i saw it. Cortez took the 1st round clear, Cortez edged the 2nd… just, felt his content and delivery was much cleaner. Ace as usual in most of his battles in that 2nd was stumbling not to mention the 1st round where he stumbled and choked. 3rd round Ace went out swinging and took it clearly, Cortez's weakest round and in it he choked.

    Cortez 2-1

  6. I don't want to be a part of whatever transition is happening when people can stumble and choke and still win. I don't care how far the material is when you choke or have a major stumble it really takes away from the material

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