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ACE AMIN ON HAVING CLEAN MATERIAL VS FONZ ULTIMATE MADNESS??? Ace Amin After the Face Offs Ultimate Madness Tournament Round 2 THE TEAM Follow C.E.O. OF HHIR …


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Comment (41)

  1. Ace kno a couple weeks to prep just ain’t enough time for him. So the jokes, the humility, n all that is just damage control for the post battle interviews.

  2. Ace "Mr. Choke & Stumble" Amin…. it's ridiculous how much he and Twork chokes…. just take a break and get ya mind together and start taking your craft seriously or just retire and find something you're better at doing…

  3. Ace knew he was gonna get cooked just from watching this. He was sure his material wasn't for 3 RDs. Fonz was a bit cleaner but Ace with the bs tripped him up smh

  4. Good sportsmanship Ace talking through Fonz rounds. You didn't have clean material… Just become a promoter bro @this_point. Since you rather throw off your opponent doing that then, affecting them with your barz.

  5. Knowledge get yo balls up boy…stop being a groupie out here. All that laughing and bs. T Top use some of that money for some kind of restructuring surgery bruh.


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