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ACE AMIN QUESTIONS KNOWLEDGE ABOUT HIS FONZ PICK ULTIMATE MADNESS Ace Amin recaps his Ultimate Madness battle vs Fonz!!! URL’s Ultimate Madness Semi Finals MUSIC …


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Comment (36)

  1. He shouldn’t have won anyway, he need to perfect just getting through his rounds clean. If you stay stumbling and choking all the time, your material don’t really matter.

  2. Ace won 1st and 3rd but I woulda gave it to fonz too just cause of the bullshit Ace was on. You bumpin niggas and wanna fake fight cause you choked in that 2nd

  3. This shit is wild. Since when does bars take a backseat to stumbling. As long as u don't forget your material then fuck a stumble. Battle rap is about bars first.

  4. I hate when people are trying to explain themselves but wont say a full damn sentence bruh. Yo i was like, yo i mean, yo like…..bruh get the words out and stop being scary.

  5. After seeing ace vs fonz. Ace is a emotional bitch man. This nigga chokes every battle. I don't even wanna see him battle anymore. Waste of time.

  6. Niggas think its funny fucking up the bag with this bullshit. If I was smack I would not book him anymore. Niggas with caffeine now. Big money involved.

  7. Bruh talking about someone else's style and performance but he can't even use his own style right. Mfer stays choking and stumbling. Stop doing interviews all the time and practice his craft is what he needs to do smh

  8. WE ALREADY KNOW KNOLEDGE IS BIUX TOWARDS BATTLE RAPPERS HE THE ONLY IDIOT VOTED FOR TWORK AGAINST SWAMP NO POINT OF EVEN ASKING HIS OPINION ANYMORE!!!!!!!! If you can’t be a real one and vote right no point at all of being a judge smh FUCKIN UP THE CULTURE !!!! With these dum as groupie fans


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