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Ace Amin speaks "Would you rather have a classic and be home or have a scrappy one and advance"

We caught up with Ace Amin after his face-off with Fonz. We talked about the pressure of tournament and the Roa he’s had getting to the final four. Follow us on …


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Comment (19)

  1. Everybody enjoys a good classic I don’t know how it’s even a discussion “would you prefer a classic or”
    If these battlers aren’t aiming for classics then they ain’t trying hard enough

  2. He showed his true colors today! I really feel like if it wasn’t for Fonz tryin to get to that $25K then their battle wouldn’t have made it to the last round, ace knew that and took advantage of that and knew he wasn’t prepared enough to scape through again so he tried his best to end his battle his own way!

  3. ACE is trash. Url has given him too many chances. Anwar you are un-credible as anything but Jayblac's do boy. Reda you cute but a trash judge. Please watch from the sidelines next tourney.

  4. I want Ace to win so bad, but it's inexcusable at this point. They got to get rid of him, his professionalism is questionable and the choking is a joke.


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