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  1. U gotta cuttem some slack man they thought they were battling yesterday. Honestly that shit def effects their pride and motivation to rap. That shit is EMBARRASSING man to be thrown on the next day. On top of smack tryna have it anyway and vaulting the shit live. I give these niggas a pass man.

  2. It's very close battle very DIRTY delivery from both it comes down to the second and by my eyes and ears ACE won the second clearly way better material then cors just my opinion

  3. Now hate to Cortez but If Ace would've performed as cleanly as his Jimz battle, he would've washed Cortez all 3 rounds. Yeah I said that, his material was that much better. I think Ace should get bigger plates.

  4. Simple phrase for it vada my guy
    ..ace iz a MULTIPLE SYLLABLE rapper like dizaster..sometimez it workz..lotz of timez it doesnt,people get lost in all the wordz and syllables,pluz the punchez dont have as much sting when you rap like that

  5. He MENTIONED CORTEZ saying the " n word"…. LIKE it's the first time HE'S heard it…. EITHER your ok with him saying it, or not. It doesn't matter how much he says it then….. In my opinion Cor skills have regressed lately….. OVERALL

  6. If you gave Ace the battle and he was stumbling and fumbling through his raps Then you should give that man you bet his money for The Swamp win You just a minute swamp material was better even through the chokes give that man his money .


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