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Ace Amin vs Cortez recap SMHHHHHH


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  1. Fans no longer hold anyone accountable. If they like someone they won. I seen too many comments “ I didn’t watch the battle but I know so and so won”
    WHAT?! We wonder why the culture is watered down.

  2. To be fair ace last two battles before this was really good ( jjdd and jimz) So looking for him to choke is unfair. And I love Cortez but him talking through rounds was annoying. That’s a vet move but it was stupid. Ace Amin material was really really good to o me salute to him.

  3. 1st and 3rd rounds was clear who won them.. up to the 2nd and ace was cooking up more than Cortez… sidenote.. I never heard of Minnesota Luke until he started judging.

  4. so we gon act like ace wasn't sloppy choppy fumbling & stumbling.. it's partly CORTEZ hate & partly newer fans n y'all not respecting the history . U NOT winning the round fkn up like that.. cOr told ace b4 the battle u not doing nthn if u don't get thru ya shit CLEAN..

  5. All ya'll saying ace stumbled he lost but the same one's that say swamp beat t top and he choked in two rounds smh ya'll not battle rap fans just fan's of certain battler's


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