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  1. Anwar you lied you never told ace that. You told him “ I didn’t see the whole battle but I feel John John edged the third that’s all I know” you never told him this whole break down you beat around the bush because you gotta bigger space between your legs then Reda

  2. The shit Cortez was saying in the second was better if y'all was listening and paying attention haters going to hate ace choked also in the second he admitted himself

  3. Don't flop used to do their judged battles in advance and just add it to the stream at the end giving the judges time to watch. At the end you get the full judges knowledge in a video.

  4. I def agree with a watch back before the decision. Now in regards to this ace/cort battle. No happy answer. That second is in the air. And a clear 1nd and 3rd make it harder. A judge would have to tally points for a tie breaker

  5. When is everyone going to talk about Cortez choking in the second round as well as the third? He went to a freestyle after choking during the timeline scheme. He never elaborated fully on that angle. Y’all can’t fool me, that was smooth on Cor part but he choked in that round.

  6. salute to you jayblac for being a real one. Giving Cortez his just due on champion and clarifying the stuff goin on around their battle and even Ace gives it to Cor too. Let him have his moment new fans of battle rap. Cause Cor just proved another point. HE CAN COOK any of ur top pens like he got sazon wit him.

  7. Ace is wack!!! You guys can't even compare to Cortez!!! Come on!!! U guys just hate a Latino rapper is better then a black MC!!! Keep shit real!!!

  8. That's crazy! I completely agreed with everything they were saying.
    -Best round: ace's 2nd.
    -Most successful bars of 2nd: ace's
    -Reasoning behind judge's was weak. Explanations needed
    Judges should have a watch back.
    Also it would help from them being discredited so hard. It isnt easy on 1 watch


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