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  1. Ace Amin 8min in the 2nd round. He Literally Grabbed Fonz By the Arms and told him to stand still…. noooppe, Would've maxed him out. Ace did waaaay too much that whole battle.

  2. The problem I have with this battle and the judges…is who had the better material and who got more material out??? Know if u say oh he fucked out the battle being extra so disqualify him?? How r u judging it just by that??? If thats the case they should not brung them back out to rap…I had ace winning 1st and 3rd…

  3. Listen…Ace is bullshit. He KNEW he was gonna lose the battle, qas AFRAID of losing it CLEAN, so he chose to SABOTAGE the battle IN PURPOSE! HE SAID IT IN THE HHIR INTERVIEW PRIOR TO THE BATTLE!!! He knows himself, knows he's prone to stumbles and unclean performances, knows that if he DIDN'T throw Fonz off, he loses!! Don't front yo!

  4. What’s crazy is URL didn’t edit Ace Amin bumping Fonz hella hard a few times. And that boy Fonz showed a lot of restraint. Kept it professional. That shit was definitely cause to fight. In prison somebody would’ve stabbed him for doing that stupid shit

  5. I feel like…things will change when smack start docking money from a dime bro.
    Ace (im only here cause bease my cuh) amin is too amateur for me with his actions let alone wit the chokes n stumbles.

  6. Fonz did lowkey pull a James Harden on Josh Hart move lmao. Slow the clip down Fonz did pull Ace arm & tangle him up & ace pulled himself free. Everyone had me thinking otherwise. Film doesnt lie, Fonz tangled Ace up.


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