All we have is now #fitness #morepracticelessego #loveyourself #fitspo #yoga #y…

All we have is now ❤️ #fitness #morepracticelessego #loveyourself #fitspo #yoga #yogi #handstand


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  1. Ok now that I have officially trolled your pics, I have to say I admire your skill and am totally jealous of your location. What do you do to earn a living? I seriously want to relocate, but I need to eat. 🙂 A sista would love to practice yoga in a gorgeous location.

  2. Well I know I can’t be that. Damn sure not yet anyway. Lol But, I will have to find a hustle that lets me live in a beautiful location. I will definitely keep an eye on your page for help with my practice. And maybe one day I’ll make it there to practice in such a beautiful place.


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