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ALPHA 19 KILLING CORRIDOR! (Yes, it still works!) | 7 Days to Die (Alpha 19 Horde Base Gameplay)

The KILLING CORRIDOR is STILL alive and well, all you need to know to completely outwit the zombies and make the ULTIMATE HORDE BASE is a few simple …


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  1. I had made a different comment earlier where I was a little critical towards testing because of the risk of the devs actually being helped by it, but after extensive testing of my own I've come to the view that the devs will probably never win this race unless they ** ***** *** **** *** ** and *** ** **! Now I'm more curious if you'll find stuff I haven't found yet. I'm still hoping it won't make the devs won't win but it's unlikely.

  2. lol 😀 they fix the blocks so we could not ham the zambies and Jawoodle was like no.. ima fix this XD and did it in like 20/30 mins XD
    your move.. 7 days too die!.. 😛

  3. I like the safety of the infinite drop loop, but pretty much never ended up needing it so I just leave it out. Having a single block wide elevated path for the zombies to come down seems to work well enough. For the first couple hordes just covering it in barbed wire fences slows the zombies down enough so that a blunderbuss or two can keep up. Later you'll want electric fences and something with more ammo capacity than a blunder buss.

  4. I don't quite see how this qualifies as working. Several zombies path underneath and start attacking the base he was under. In less than a minute of the larger spawn they destroyed part of the main support. He does say this would only work for the first or second horde night, but its misleading to state that it still works as a strategy.

  5. Nice video and fun to see you looking into the minds of the devs and throwing in your usual spanner…. Ouch. More2me4life also came up with an interesting working variant that does not need the walls at the sides.

  6. If TFP would stop giving the zombies PhD's in quantum mechanics, there would be no need to find ways to "cheese" them. I would argue, that TFP are trying to "cheese" us! Remember the good ol' days when we built concrete pillboxes and bashed the hordes to death?

  7. Do the wedge-based perimeter walls still work? Or do they attack and/or climb those now? Those were really useful in A18 for horde night bases to ensure the horde would come from a known direction, making it a bit more manageable for trap layouts.

  8. maybe centered bars, or poles to see through the billboard area.
    Yeah TFP really needs to do more ray casting and classification for the zeds AI
    Oh well they are zombies they shouldn't be that cleaver from day one. May be bosses / late game zombies can figure out more to destroy based on shapes and orientations.

  9. Hey Jawoodle.

    while this does still sorta work, I have found a base design that works and its very customizable.

    8×8 or 10×10 hole, 8-12 blocks down. (With ladders on three walls)
    A single corridor leading to your base, with SMG turrets facing your doorways, blaping the zombies as they rush your door.

    Me and my friend have this set up and it had its first test last night (4th horde) worked fine, Just gotta figure out the dogs getting stuck XD
    If you have a discord or somin I'd take screenshots for you XD

  10. An interesting thought just occurred to me for an AFK base, and… I feel like I read that this was addressed before, but considering that the zombies will still hit on things… it might be worth a crack. Used to be that you couldn't just surround yourself with the arrow slits/zombie forcefield for… some reason, but I never knew what, other than that it didn't work. I'm wondering if you could make a 'moat' of arrow slits and the zombies would just kind of all gather around it, and you could make a 'burger base' sort of thing on a few block high pillar and just pick them off. I certainly hope so, I don't like being in a base that zombies can attack because that means if enough decide to do it, at a high enough game stage, it might come down on you in the middle of a horde night, and then everything is cooked.

  11. So i used your killing coordior, put walls and a ceiling on it, with hatch frames (instead of a cage at end, all the way down, and put the new sledge at entrance to the side, so all it was really doing was pushing zombie to one side, and then used a gun two blocks away to kill them…i've went through 3 horde nights so far, and it works pretty good, with only one little cop spit hitting me. Might try it for your jawoodle park 3.

  12. I've never played this before, but it looks interesting. I play on Xbox 1, and I have heard that the console version is many updates behind the PC version. Does anyone know what version the consoles use, and if these corridors and such work on that version? Thanks.

  13. I've gotten right into this game.
    Had it for ps4, as I didn't have a PC until late 2019 (in my late 30s and never owned a PC for some reason).
    I loose hours in this game, since I got it for PC.
    A19 is turning out to be awesome. I love the small changes, like the new buildings and shop shelving having items on them etc.
    All the weapon mods are great too, along with only being able to find certainly skills/crafting recipies from books.
    Loving the Auto Shotgun….Finally got one in the best quality today.


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