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Angryfan007 addresses Ace Amin and Pat Stay battles


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  1. I was writing Ace on live the day after John John posted his vlog …. Ace amin was off the subject and he said he’s on probation and ain’t going back for battle rap…. He said he was done with it big bra I heard it my self and like 40:other niggas lol

  2. No.. I'm here for bars.. Not to see who the hardest.. A bullet will stop all that tuff guy shit.. its about the bars.. Ace need to learn that shit..

  3. Battle Rap should be like boxing, you fight your way to the top of the food chain. If your the number one hitter you should be walking through everyone so the face of any league must battle you. That’s when battling a legend makes sense, that’s when enhancing your resume makes it relevant!

  4. There is no way in hell Ace would beat John John in a battle under any circumstances, all he's gonna do is bump the shit out of him to make it look like he's doing something

  5. Why y’all keep saying ace started the back and forth shit started because what jjdd was saying and doing during the time ace vs bad news ….that’s why they was asking ace about jjdd cause of what jjdd was saying

  6. There is no "what if" here.
    1) Ace flat out said he'd never battle JJDD.
    2) JJDD approached Ace & Ace folded & choked & fucked up his battle with Fonz.
    3) Ace has been silent since for whatever the reason. Hopefully he stay that way.
    This is a dead horse you're beating.

  7. JjDd, arguably the biggest killer in battle rap. Ace emotions aren't together. He has that prison mentality. A loose cannon. JjDd has way more to lose and Ace would try to humiliate JjDd beyond battling… Rather see JjDd v Bdot

  8. pat stay vs Marvwon was wild disrespectful. I couldn't believe it when I watched it. i just knew hands were going to be thrown. Props for Marv coming with bars and a great defencse inthe first


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