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Angryfan007 addresses Norbes and Ultimate Madness 2 judging


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  1. Talk ya shit Cap you deff solidify in battle rap this is why URL be looking like a circus at times too much weird shit going on piperboy, angry fan, Tony bro, PSA hip hop should be judging these battles coming up

  2. Damn CAPS can't miss at this point. I didn't understand why you wasn't on the first one I thought you would of said no and been the first call. Woulda made since you VADA 3Letterman and PB. I know why not Vada with Blac hosting that's awkward, the rest of y'all unaffiliated and makes TOO much sense. Ain't no telling what bigg Hann coulda did he mighta put Ace out to where we ain't even talking about no fight against Fonz.

  3. Angry fan smh say man we need more real spitters like this dude like freal real…str8 raw n uncut to the point..the breakdown n direct delivery is what’s needed…open book about the subjects n the culture as a whole of battle rap…keep doing what u do angryman


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