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AnR Show NOME recap with Twork | "Lux 2-1 but Surf still the GOAT"

We covered NOME after the show and Twork chimed in with his opinion on a couple of the battles. Follow us on Caffeine @Just Anwar Follow us on Twitter …


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Comment (23)

  1. Surf lost 3-0. The fact that y’all are giving him the second round because he simply got through it, shows how low the bar for surf actually is. Stop giving these rappers pity rounds.

  2. STOP CHOKING!!!! FOH shout out to saga but he and surf lost battles they could've won because they choked. Surf could've beat lux easily if he didn't choke. PPPPP #JB

  3. Next time you guys stream, please change your format to at least 1080p. 1080p is the standard. You guys left "Champion" I expect more! IJS… WTF a 6 min recap? (Chris Cater's voice) C'Mon Man!


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