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ANWAR – (soft) MAN 2 MAN

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  1. I barely watch champion for the past year because of anwar, reda and that headband wearing dude… too much yelling over eachother and apologizing goin on it’s annoying

  2. Respect brother. He Needed to hear this.. Its 5 bloggers I know that would be better then bro.. He needs to chill and appreciate the alley oop black gave him

  3. Update – I personally like Anwar's apology video. Crazy he asked them to not posted it and they agree , but still posted it anyways. FOUL. Anyways, NOME X will be my first event I'll watch in a long time. Made new Caffeine account today – ItsBeenReel

  4. Battle goof and Dme is a such bigger clown than anwar. Stop pilling on dude for.views and look at the clown shit some a these bloggers be doing.


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