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Archived WGA Script Confirms "Mad Queen Daenerys" is NOT the Real Ending – Game of Thrones (Intro)

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Exclusive report on the filming script for Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 5 “The Bells”, officially archived at the Writer’s Guild of America Foundation in Los Angeles, reveals that “Mad Queen Daenerys” WAS NOT the “Real Ending” that they were building towards for years…it isn’t even what they originally intended for Season 8 itself. The final, on-screen version is significantly different from the filming script – explaining why Emilia Clarke’s comments in other behind the scenes videos seem to be describing an episode that doesn’t exist. It’s because all she had to go on was the original filming script from the initial Season 8 table read back in October 2017. The showrunners hid the changes from Emilia Clarke.


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