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ASMR – Fast Box Tapping – Jeulia Jewelry – Queen of Tapping

Welcome to my channel♥ This video is a collab with the amazing Jeulia Jewelry. They sent me a super lovely and cute golden ring with a little squirrel on it:) …


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Comment (19)

  1. Time stampsss:
    Intro: 1:09
    Tapping on pink box: 1:40
    Inside pink box: 1:56
    Mirror inside box tapping: 2:07
    Tap on top if box (soft side): 2:13
    Tap on bottem(harder side): 2:51
    On top (again): 3:32
    Side of box: 3:52
    Bottom: 3:56
    Box to nails tapping: 4:14
    Top: 4:45
    Bottom: 4:49
    Top: 4:54
    fast: 4:55
    Slow: 5:57
    Fast: 5:17
    Slow: 6:03
    Back of box: 6:12
    Scratching: 6:39
    Nail tapping: 6:49
    Fluttering: 7:07
    tapping: 7:15

    I got lazy yall I'm sorry she did so many tingles… and no matter who u are, I LOVE YOUUUU


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