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Ave is Fighting 4 His Life Suffering From Kidney Failure Show Yo Love & Support For All The Hard Work I DO, Bringing Ya’ll None Stop Entertainment Cash app me …


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  1. Man truth said this along time ago and I been agreed. Theres too much blasphemy in battle rap of our God! It never use to be this bad . Battle rap startin to take a lot of hits now dawg. Bacc to bacc.. cars gettin shot up, deaths close to home! People gettin ill.. man Theres a spirit in battle rap that's needs to be removed immediately. I've been a fan of battle rap and a follower since mook and lux the first time.. I wanna pray for all the people involved in battle rap, involved in this chat, and for God to put his arms around us and heal the world man. PRAYER FOR BRIZZ, AVE, JOHN JOHN, DON MARINO, I FORGOT THE WE GO HARD GUY THAT DIED , MY APOLOGIES. AnD ANYBODY ELSE THAT IT AFFECTED . EVERYONE STAY SAFE AND TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES AND LOVED ONES. GOD IS LOVE!! Wish everybody bacc to health and give them the strength to make it thru.

  2. Battle truth you got to bring master smack back!!!
    Sorry about Ave, I have colleague's who went through this but at America it seems more severe than the one we have here in South Africa

  3. BattleTruth is 100% the best media in battle rap. I see you strategically inspired ANGRYFAN to get back to multiple blogs. when anything happens in battle rap here is the order i is watch all ball bloggers speaking on the same subject.

    2:Angry Fan
    4:Vada Fly and Shotime SP
    5:15MOFERADIO /HHIR (tied) (consistency)
    6:3 Letterman
    6 No mercy
    7. Rome DMV

    8 Champion.

    9.DME Detroit


  4. Hate to hear about Ave. Angryfan ex is out here cussing and yelling at Drugz and tagging Ave. instead of using that energy to support and pray for her friend Ave


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