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Awaiting Smack Nome X Saga, Jey Da Nightwing, Tsu Surf Punishments
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Comment (32)

  1. I don't think surf did enough because the opponent was lux that's the only reason we didn't boo surf we wanted to hear what he had to say to lux if the opponent was anybody else surf would've got booed in the small room

  2. You instigating now man. Jey and fonz are cool they even said in an interview the night before that they are homies and that physical shit is just entertainment. You straight up just trying to start some stuff by saying that lol THEY ARE COOL. THEY AGREED TO BE PHYSICAL. smack dont want that almost fighting shit, but they didnt have any discrepancies cuz. U reaching now brody lol battle dot

  3. Cant really fine or penalize them unless it was in the contract.
    Contracts have BEEN signed
    And it was a bump, not an almost fight

  4. Jey and Fonz agreed to physical contact in an interview. But I feel bad for Saga getting fined because he’s not a serial choker and I doubt his back end was that much anyway.


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