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Battle Truth Live Back At It Did Y'all Miss Me!


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  1. Bro go back to the old format on Night Court. This video thing every night not it. We don't need to see the same 3 people every night for 2hrs. Now Juelz been your guy. I think this is why Strict Dad left you. That man gave you thousands of dollars every month. He should have gotten a shout out every single blog. Your new live video format canceled out Strict Dad and your die hard following, now you have attention seeking women in every night trying to get donations. I believe your pride got the best of you on this one.

  2. This dude is a biter and hater , complained about math playing his music on live a collecting $ on live what he do collect $ and play music on live and at the same exact time as Math …lol

  3. Truth come on man… I deserve better than that…. I have done nothing but be a loyal supporter and show you love man… I understand you hurt (I am too) but that's no reason to put out misinformation and lies! You know I contacted you! Why would you create a false narrative like that??? Especially when I got evidence that proves YOU lying. If you were so confused as to why I chose to end our business relationship (And why I posted it on YouTube), I was just one call away. Anyway, I got too much love for you and your channel to be going back and forth over the net. This will be my last time addressing things, regardless of whether you continue to spread lies and misinformation… Smh…..
    Better Parents.
    Better Children.
    Better World


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