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Battletruth talks Avocado


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  1. More proof battletruth is a culture vulture. He knows absolutely NOTHING about this culture. He a terrible representative. Caffeine are only doing nome, summer madness and tournament battles.

  2. Avocado said hes still with URL but not shooting Caffeine battles thats all. More proof there is way more events going away from caffeine so hes still good. Just not filming the Major Major events. Hed be lucky to even do those the way the nets popping off about his Racist comments. And theres WAY WAY MORE video clips of him making racist “jokes” and belittling people of colour!!!!

  3. Caffeine looks like Storage Wars meets a CD Rom game from the 90s. Straaaaaaaight trash. Ain't no multimillion dollar operations. No quality. Watch though, they're gonna start reviewing Avo's work, and try to mimic it to appease, or they're gonna try to one up, and fail.

  4. The reason why Fight Klub aint around anymore is because white people at mtv controlled the streaming. Unfortunately we haven't learned this lesson.


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