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The worlds most respected Battle Rap and Independent Artist media outlet$15mofe The Bar Exam Game …


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  1. A former battle rapper myself, I was on the fence with battle rap since 2018. The app was the final straw that made me say fuck it. Its not worth following no more. I'll catch whatever whenever. Not about the money. It's the politics of it all.

    Imagine a league; Bar battle rap with just a few niggas on each side. No crowds. No venue. Just yall. On the streets. Prep for your opponent only. No more writing for crowd participation. You treat this shit like mortal combat. You don't look or care for approval of your bars. You don't over complicate shit. You have 1 goal only: try to delete your opponent.
    #Riprealbattlerap keep hope alive
    Salute to the Kings of Battlerap.
    Mook. the bully. He may have the top 2 most landslide victories in Url/smack history. .
    Lux. The GOAT. that once in a generation gift to the Universe
    Daylyt The scariest lyricist in battle rap. Period. Lux, Mook, and Da Don are the only others whose pen always reach orbit.
    Tech, Wouldn't be no GTFOH or zipemup without the muthafuckin bodybag! Dude was one of a kind. Gave birth to slogans.
    Serious jones, Lyrically he may be unbeatable. But sadly battle rap is judged by this standard (He beat you Mook but was close)
    Ars, The trail of bodies Ars left behind and WHERE he left them should be the only explanation needed.
    Da Don (There will always only be one) Could easily be fighting for GOAT status if it wasn't for Lux.
    Cass The GOAT . . .Of battle rappin to a track. Say what yall want. Step on a track with him and battle. I got 10k on Cass.

    What do they all have in Common? They all have their own style. No Duplicates or mini mes will make this list.


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