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BEASLEY ON URL BREEDING NEW STARS ULTIMATE MADNESS TOURNAMENTS Beasley at Ultimate Madness!!! URL’s Ultimate Madness One Offs, event In-between Ultimate Madness …


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  1. Choke Madness Today man … there was a choke in every battle today and it’s really upsetting . Ru really showed us what we wanted in that 2nd and Jey left the door open in the 3rd but sadly he choked . The MOAT ANTICIPATED battle with Twork and Swamp was somewhat living up to it although Twork Jersey’d out a lil early in his 1st then he completely just BOMBED the 3rd wit a crazy choke… Then wit fonz and ace , Ace was stumbling throughout his 1st and 2nd and ended up choking in the 2nd and fonz also choked due to Ace’s Antics but got it back in his 3rd … This Saturday had heavy potential to be one of the best ones in this series but niggas couldn’t memorize they rhymes for whatever reason … We on to NOME tho


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