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BEASLEY ON WHY URL DIDN’T WAIT TO PUT LUX VS SURF ON A BIG STAGE & BRINGING DAYLYT BACK VS TAY ROC Beasley at Ultimate Madness!!! URL’s Ultimate Madness One Offs, event In-between Ultimate Madness …


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Comment (35)

  1. Man Daylyt going do some troll shit and surf can’t come with 3 rounds some you niggaz forgive and forget shit so fast don’t cry about how surf JERSEY

  2. Y’all bout to regret putting Surf and Lux together. They both choke and Jersey out of battles. Watch and you’ll see the Lux va Surf going to be super trash.

  3. No way in hell Roc gunna win. He trash without the GAS!!!! Stop giving this clown battles he don’t DESERVE. Day going to sacrifice y’all golden boy badly, no debating .

  4. Imagine lux third in a small room
    Imagine roc’s seatbelt line in a small room
    Imagine aye verbs big Gerald in a small room
    Imagine daylyts rock paper scissor in a small room it don’t hit the same


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