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Big Red Flag On The Play… Chris Unbias Redemption Documentary Recap


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  1. Y’all the ones goin hard right or wrong why y’all goin mad hard to bring the next man down like hes in court let the courts prove this not y’all nobody said he right either but y’all judging him as if he guilty an saying shit as if it’s true already

  2. That’s like me knowing u an u catch a charge an then I just be like u guilty fuck that knowing how the courts work an how shit be give him his fair due I’m not in no fb group nothing I’m a hood guy facts bk all day I’m just saying let the courts deside until then why not support or don’t say not y’all said how y’all felt but y’all want to still bring the next man down if he wrong Crucify him

  3. Backpage shut down January 2017. He said he Hired a stripper off Backpage 3 weeks before his party on 6/16/2017, which led to him being arrested 6/19/2017. To show proof he wasn’t arrested for an incident involving a minor but from a complaint by a 20 year old stripper he shows paperwork for an arrest on 8/1/2015 from an incident on 7/31/15. Something ain’t right.

  4. Backpage was shutdown april 2018 by the feds i looked it up, but i agree with u, Chris a funnystyle dude n i bet he only got out bc of CV also he aint explain ish bout this family member n sodo.. a 10 or 20 yr old doesnt make it okay. shadyass chris rubbing Bonnies ass they prob played in court lol


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