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Bill Collector WHAT DID YOU DO!!!!


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  1. Yoo this nigga Caps said Stunt Woods like damn homie you really know our rappers Lol Caps know all the philly rappers this definitely one of my favorite blogs….Free Bricks

  2. Dope……but if all them niggaz gonna battle Bill like its 2002 in they on the corner, they gonna lose. Adapt to the current battle rap format, or stay yall ass home. I watched that Bill Collector vs Frank The Grippaz battle, and Bill was CLEARLY in another league. Bill a performer. 300 gun bars alone aint gonna cut it. Bill gonna have the crowd early…..

  3. This why I rock with you Caps! You know your history. Being from south jersey the name drops you said was dope! I need Reed vs Bill on Volume 6. Bill collector we thank you for bringing the legends from philly out.


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