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Black Trump Supporter, Bevelyn Beatty, JUMPED & STABBED by BLACK LIVES/LESBIANS MATTER



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  1. You do realize that it's all white people wearing those black sweatsuits, don't you? I wouldn't be surprised if it was planned for this " new viral age ". That girl said it herself, cops are more important than black people.

  2. Why did Mook hiss in his 1st round? (I know the answer) He put that round together so beautifully. Connect it to what he said. Let me see if y’all connect the hissing to Tay Roc’s actions. Mook 3-0 btw

  3. I agree that they shouldn't had stabbed that girl. I just seen the video on Instagram a few minutes ago. Let this be a fair election and no need for violence

  4. They clearly attacked those kids and now won’t to act like victims, beverlyn was the aggressor she thru the first punch but y’all are still defending this nonsense also these kids never claimed they where with Black Lives Matter in anyway it’s sad far people go to manipulate the truth!!!! The video clearly shows them attacking the kids and no old man in sight. The profiled these kids and jumped them, her statement from the hospital doesn’t even match what the video shows and y’all still believe this nonsense!


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