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Bonnie Godiva vs Casey Jay Recap-Watch The Throne

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  1. Bonnies actual rapping is not good, there’s never a flow it’s always that weird choppy rapping, awkwardly placed pausing, then horrible delivery it’s hard to follow… Her bars decent though, Casey Jay needs a plate

  2. I wanna see Vixen vs Coffee. And even though Casey wasn't on her A game 2night, I still like her style, delivery and voice projection. Never thought I'd be talkin female battle rap, but that "Kings vs Queens" card got me interested to checkin the ladies out more. And that Flamez chick was wiggin

  3. Flamez n Vixen sucked every bit of energy out of that event…..this event reminded me of the rbe card with mook vs verb when they battled 3rd n then bigg k vs Solomon and big t vs ill will went after NOBODY REMEMBERS anything from that battle

  4. (0:51) There's nothing I hate more in Battle Rap than the, "Impeccable Resumé" defense. You know who has an Impeccable Resumé? Luis Collazo. He fought Shane Mosley, Keith Thurman, Ricky Hatton, Amir Khan, Andre Berto, etc.

    You know why you never heard of him? 'Cause he LOST to all those m-therf-ckers!

    It's a simple science: If you're a Name that's always losing, you gon' always be in high demand. Both the Big Dogs, and up-&-comers, gonna wanna use you as a punching bag to either pad their resumé, or as a warmup for a stronger fight.

    Bonnie been a Luis Collazo for a long time now. She's just a solid Reference on other people's Resumés at this point…

  5. This just wasn’t a good battle it wasn’t entertaining it was borderline boring and they both seemed off i don’t think a lot of people cared for this battle out of all the ones that happened last night

  6. Dude, Bonnie had the Lady yell out(your reference a 3:50), because that's what Casey does with her mother, in her Battles. That would hit you if you followed Casey battles.


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