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  1. This is a sensible switch. Not like they're switched just so we get a better battle but because its one we've seen twice already. If they started messing with random selection because they wanted different match ups that would be different…

  2. Nah let’s be real they just didn’t want to battle each other because they both from the west…just like Loso and the Saga didn’t want to battle first because they in the same group. It don’t matter if they just battled if they keep winning they going have to battle each other again eventually. SMH!

  3. Danny and Ek both will make it to the next round now. I’m not mad Smack should of just let surf and roc pick the cards without putting them back it wouldn’t have been a controversy.

  4. People will complain about anything. Niggas just battled this year. I got both handing out 30s. EK about to do Glue bad…. Why Snake eyez ain’t in this though? He sell his battles.

  5. I should of tweeted this out because when those battles were picked by the battlers, I wasn’t really feeling that Emerson Kennedy and Danny Myers battle because they battled twice already and it wasn’t a good enough mix between vets and up and comers too me. Glad it got switched

  6. They shouldn't have changed the line up. History matters . I'd rather see the rematch happen right away and winner advances . The way it should have always been


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