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Caffeine raised 113 MILLION!?!? Smack White please be careful


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  1. Caps what someone did in the past is really irrelevant. Surf been in his bag lately. Not only in the battle world. But on his albums too. That Geechi/Surf showed u that he’s finally serious with this shit now. 3 full rounds of fire

  2. Of course smack eating why is every smack event now free on Caffeine . Not to mention he’s gotta pay the battle rappers .

    Side note I need that app to be less then $7.99 now that smack gettin that bag

  3. It's a buddy buddy system bro!! I learned that in that Loso and Saga video when they told Beasley they didn't want to be on the same side of the bracket. Seem like a joke but they put their play on early before ppl knew how it was gone line up.

  4. Maybe I'm just being cynical, but you still have to wonder how long Caffeine will pay the middle man (URL) when they could just hire the battlers and throw the event themselves. Corporate America has never been about supporting a black owned business, especially when they don't have to. A loaded card with no audience & no PPV will give them a clear understanding of just how many casual fans are willing to watch an event. I hope I'm wrong

  5. I just hope when the legends leave.. it will be new superstars to replace them.. otherwise the bag will dry up.. but smack deserves all the blessings

  6. He was eating off of Youtube. He just eating more off of his moves now. He is now a greedy owner getting over on the fans and battlers. If the main eventers aint making at least 6 figures for a battle than that's highway robbery. And Chilla Jones is part of the problem in battle rap.


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