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  1. Avocado didn’t do anything for the culture! He filmed battles. Big deal! There are thousands of directors who can do that. This talk is getting ridiculous – like he made some serious contributions.

  2. I wasn't aware of the calico situation until I saw this video. I won't criticize him yet, but I will say this: If he did call this guy up and talk to him, then maybe he should do the same for Ahdi Boom. Maybe Ahdi boom realizes what he did wrong also. You guys see where i'm going with this? My point is, maybe some black people should start being as forgiving to black people as they are to non blacks, like eminem, goerge zimmerman, dylan rooth, and now avocado.

  3. Am I wrong for thinking people are slightly overreacting to this? The only reason I’m saying this is that I know for a fact that in private me and my friends of all races make racist/sexist/homophobic jokes all the time, or say some wild shit just because it’s funny. As a black dude I’ve never been offended at anyone laughing at a racist joke towards black people, as I do the same shit to jokes about all races. The only time I get offended is if I hear someone say some racist shit with true intent, and their motivation was ignorance or hatred. Laughing at racial stereotypes is such a different context to being a white dude with genuine racism in your heart.

    Fair enough I understand that avocado is in a predominantly black culture, so he should not have even put himself in this position. I can’t speak for the motivation behind the people actually saying the racist jokes in the video, but I definitely don’t think expelling avocado from the culture because he was caught laughing at racist jokes is reasonable at all, considering this is something that damn near most people in their private life, and the fact that he’s clearly not a hateful guy. If he was caught on camera saying some racist shit with intent, or laughing at racist shit that was clearly motivated by hate then that’s an entirely different story. If he knew it was gunna be uploaded he’s definitely at fault, but I’m not gunna say he’s at fault for laughing at racist jokes in private, as that would make me a hypocrite, just like many of the people calling him out.

  4. I've seen this movie before and know how it probably ends. Avocado will probably have to go through heavy criticism and name calling for a few weeks or months, but after that, hell be accepted again. And i'm not mad at him for it. it is what it is. I saw it with goerge zimmerman who now goes around the country signing autographs, I saw it with dylan rooth, who had members of that church tell him they forgive him after he gunned down some members of that church, and I saw it with the police officer who gunned down an innocent black man in his own apartment only to have his brother ask her for a hug in the courtroom. It is what it is.

  5. Factz!!! Cap!!! As a black person the conversation Avo and his kind had was entirely inappropriate.
    When black people do the forgiveness chant and play “turn the other cheek “ in the face of blatant racism and on the other hand push street hustle to US can’t play both sides of the fence CAL. I think someone needs to watch their battle vs LUX again and put it on repeat (3rd Round) til you get the very important point.


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