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  1. I'm a whiteboy and I'm from Philly and I absolutely hate this racist shit Im from a predominantly black city and practically all my close friends are black and I consider them family, so I cant speak for everyone but I can assure that there are white people that exist who don't feel this way,don't say the n word and not only like but literally love black people and their culture

  2. These men in the comment section still mad cus they aint got their 40 acres and their mule yet. Hahahha Six years is a long ass time for someone to change, y'all gotta evolve and let that old shit go. Never forget, but learn to forgive. None of y'all in this comment section 100% innocent of ALL wrong doing their entire lives, stop living a lie.

  3. That video was mad weak, but lets look at both sides, and im guilty of it too , how many times as a ablack person have we made fun of white people, how they talk, what they wear , etc etc, im not racist, we do it all the time, but when the shoes is on the other foot ,we mad? 2 sides to everything

  4. If it comes out ya mouth or u condone racist behavior I don't care how old the tape is . I question your motivates after that,Cal u tripping Homie …

  5. and everybody talking shit about Cal, really needs to look at the sitautuon, Verb made a gofundme, to recieve money from his own fans that are less wealthy than him during a pandemic, and he is actually suceeding, because this is a touchy subject right now, so he is basically asking for money because anothers man words upset him, come on man

  6. Cal ain't trying to save no one, he's just making the case for his argument on Verb and opportunism. He damn near pushed Pat stay wig back with his boys on 11. Whether Verb is or not an opportunist, not sure, but isnt any battler?


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