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  1. Camron was just freesyling for his man that’s all he is not tryna do no battle rap y everything has to do with battle rap it was just a freestyle nothing more nothing less camron is a millionaire and they would have to pay cam millions to even consider battle rap and he’s a great great businessman u see he was about to sue love and hip hop for millions just for putting him in they trailer for only like 5 seconds he was about to sue them just for that so it would literally take Millions for him to do a battle rap it was just a freestyle y’all sound like straight cornballs talking about o u think camron tryna battle rap noooooNOOOOO

  2. Nooo camron actually with the drug king pin escabor family the real escabor drug kingpin pin he was literally kicking it with them at they house not nas see y’all don’t know that’s a real true factual bar not just some made up rap that actually happened in real life that wasn’t just no rapping

  3. The video to low and can't hear! If you wanna hear this video, (Go to "*CAMRON DOPE FREESTYLE SILENCE HOMIE WHO QUESTIONS IF CAM STILL GOT IT!"*


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