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CASSIDY GOES OFF!!! “NOTHING IN BATTLE RAP IS BIGGER THEN ME OR MY 10 TEAM CAPTAINS Cassidy, Murda Mook, QLeen Paper, Daylyt, T Rex, Cassidy, Reed Dollaz, Chubby Jag in ATL VISIT …


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Comment (34)

  1. I fxck with Cassidy but why he snapping like this? Jadakiss said what a real one was suppose to. He stated he wouldn’t disrespect the culture with just hopping in the ring. Cassidy best check that ego a bit because Jadakiss one MC I will bet can learn the formula and come in and body his ass. As far as MCn is concerned, Jadakiss is above Cassidy so he need to chill. A few others over him too. Humility black man.

  2. Yea non of your favorite rappers been face to face no beat and battled anyone, we can’t find it if they did and it’s been over 15yrs if they even did, only one who did it before was Cassidy and he still on top of the game.

  3. Cassidy in his head is the God of battle rap and niggas being around him, make his claims look real! Cass is real talk delusional asf! Niggas don't be talking bout Cass like that in the streets.

  4. cant beat em join em huh cassidy?…anybody else notice how all these "Team captains" are people cassidy feels are some type of threat to him in a battle so before he runs into any of these guys in a battle he decides to join them instead of face them in a battle? just sayin…watch the actions not the words


    1. You and your "10 TEAM CAPTAINS" aren't bigger than Battle Rap
    2. Your 10 Captains would put your bodybag in a bodybag no debate, so you put them on your side so you don't have to battle them
    3. I respect your business moves
    4. But…You still some trash

  6. As soon as Jada said that he’d have to prepare properly and not disrespect battle rap Cass felt like a bitch and had to defend himself because of his poor performances

  7. YEA I like how cas came wit da idea of what he doin gud 4 da culture but I see why goodz said what he said about why he turn it down cas said his team captains basically he's da boss over them nah nd dats why goodz said I gotta be a partner not ur worker respect goodz &lux not going for it

  8. With all that being said, why dont you and Day battle each other? I bet you the majority of peeps here will pay for this. Cool it down and SET IT UP BRUH!!


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