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  1. There’s only a few battle rappers that can rap with B say he’s not top tier is asinine. B Dot will smoke every top tier rapper in this setting FACTS

  2. Caps you my guy, but B-dot does remind me of Lux.. there's no way you can listen and watch bdot and think he wasn't influenced by lux.. he's not a lux clone, but you can definitely see the influence there

  3. Having no crowd has eliminated BIG MOMENTS in battle rap. Yea dudes have fire rounds and bars but the building shakers are gone.. this setting just doesn't give battle rap that same feel..I actually miss the crowd and the energy and randomness that comes from it.. imagine trying to put together a promotional trailer with only the caffeine battles with no crowd..

  4. I miss the crowd dearly. Battle rap won't be the same until it returns. My favorite battlers are writers but I still need that crowd. And since the bloggers always judge by past battle rap when it's convenient, then I have to ask when has battle rap ever not had a crowd of some type? Even those barber shops were full of gas.


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