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  1. I don't follow bloggers or battle rappers I just love battle rap ,but what did that dude Chris do or didn't do never know what somebody is into until shit hits the fan and that's why I don't put ppl on pedestals ..ppl are ppl no matter if ppl Kno them or not ..look what tec 9 was now that shit was crazy

  2. If DA’s use rap lyrics (Bobby Smurda, Ym melly) to lock up rappers why wouldn’t they use blogs to lock up bloggers? Cmon cap ya should’ve been smarter than that. What ya did was dry snitchin

  3. Of course a prosecutor gonna use the blogs as help, same as if a battle rapper was in some shit they would listen to shit he say in battles and interviews, rappers…tracks. all the same shit.

  4. I don’t know much about his issue. I saw the 2015 paperwork. He said he was locked up next day for 2 years. Has he been out for almost 3 years and just started blogging??did he also beat the second rape case or was it the first.

  5. Stop it, a grown man debit card let in car sound like B.S. to me. F battle rap who does that hes smart enough to promote parties but irresponsable enough to not have his card but he got cash on him.

  6. Thing is, the LARGER picture remains… as MEN, we need to get our BUSINESS together, our minds focused and lives situated to handle shit like this. Because it HAS happened to those we love AND it can happen to us.

  7. I just need clarification on how you hire a stripper off Backpage a few weeks before a party in June 2017 that leads to you getting arrested when the adult services section of Backpage was shut down by the Feds 6 months before that in January…

  8. Chris Unbias took down his untold story biography thats suspect to me. I just need more information there's 3 sides to a story. But his story isn't adding up. It's somethings he's not telling.

  9. So you know you jumped out the window to quickly to apologize. I know you see the videos exposing his version of the story. Like him showing the "paperwork". It's from 2 different arrests, but we all thought it was legit, until people starting researching his "paperwork".

  10. We ( generally speaking) were very quick to comment negative about him so we should be quick to apologize or to accept he is innocent. Thats a human being and noone thats innocent should go through what he went through

  11. the court aint gone say my bad my shit got nolle prosequi'd in 98 and aint heard shit from em. my family didnt even believe me. had they, we coulda sued the shit outta them… court system gotta save face

  12. Bro am i trippin? Caps you got 4million subscribers? Dam sir you have come a long way my friend. I remember you had 12k followers! God bless you sir! Afm the fuck up!


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