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CORTEZ ADDRESSES MS. FIT BEEFING WITH JAZ THE RAPPER & BONNIE GODIVA ON TWITTER Cortez at Ultimate Madness Tournament URL’s Ultimate Madness One Offs, event In-between Ultimate …


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  1. How the fuck is a dispatcher a cop? "Oh, so you dispatch cops when Karens call?" That's a reach! A dispatcher also dispatches the fire department and ambulances, along with cops. I don't even see the diss there. Minus the cops, how do you "expose" a person for being on the front lines and dispatching the proper response unit to save people's lives? WTF?!

  2. Shout out to Cortez reapect that man. Consistently doin the job, getting vaulted bc he bodies comp, i never got the joke about that….still didnt see that Chess battle, heard it was bad

  3. Yall niggas clearly didnt watch misfit blog. She never shitted on battle rappers with 9-5s she came at jaz cuz she's working with police. Whether you agree with that or not is here nor there but stop tryna change the narrative shorty was not shitting on 9-5s

  4. Shout out 2 all battlers & owners & camera men/women 2 record & not laugh or get hype over a bar still get the footage & all rappers who r not n public eye bcuz rapn aint easy 4 sum ppl & last thing hope my guy JC good

  5. Cortez is trash, can’t believe y’all vouching for this corny bitch. Str8 bitchmade and all the niggas that allows him to say nigga around them should slap the taste out of his mouth

  6. Only week niccaz say ish like i'm too old to fight . yall dudes iz hoez . same cowards that talk about shooting thier own ppl . im 48 so i learned long ago how 2 throw hands .yoyu dudes disguss me .


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