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CORTEZ gets 30'd?!?!? EAZY money? LOSO vs RYDA, that first tho/ PREP making a statement/ Real Talk.

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  1. Cortez was nervous he started yelling his bars to give it more impact… and he wasn’t ready to do that he fat and out of breath from drinking and eating over celebrating surf loss…. Cortez did the usual , and thought it would be enough, I’m tired of that mentally … EZ has potential, he go hard , and a natural Star not superstar but a star. … Cortez lack that

  2. Suge is the only one that clearly lost to a rookie cause he choked. Cortez deserves surf cause of there history. These rookies are supposed to come in hungry, all the vets aren't gonna body the rookies cause they not motivated to battle them. DNA, JJDD and JC etc they are motivated to kill a rookie, but most the other vets gonna take them likely and just get thru the battle.

  3. EZ asked Core if he was Murda Ave, why Fit sitting next to Math. Math told Jag Core said his weed was trash then Core wear that shirt vs EZ.. why even wear that shit?

  4. Yo I'm also hearing Math got 30ed by Jag. Bad enough Math walked off during the battle when Jag was cooking him. Just look out for the video to come out and they will edit that part out. I won't be surprised if they edit it out.


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