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The worlds most respected Battle Rap and Independent Artist media outlet$15mofe The Bar Exam Game …


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  1. Judging been needed the culture sick with this performance n crowd gas gets these cats a W on the app but to fans they get washed lyrically but since the opponent popular they win its sickening.
    If we had an official ranking with judges there would be no tsu surfs n geechi gottis 2 prominent examples one chokes his whole career n the other is lyrically inept but popularity has trumped all in their careers.

  2. Cortez is dope bar wise but battle rap has gotten commercial and fans lie to their favs talkin bout they always win cortez bodied rex bodied hollohan and cortez 3rd rds are legendary for checking cornballs…but yall praise these wack rappers ibalways hated surf overrated ass to cornballs like heavy bags

  3. Jon Jon would smoke Surf. But Cortez and Surf makes alot more sense. Im a huge Surf fan but if he doesnt come with that Conceited Surf or Geechi Surf. He aint walking away with 2 rounds if he isnt prepared.

  4. Surf is full of it and most of his fans are too. He had the most time to prepare for The battle rap legend. Someone he "respects" and he choked. I'm not focusing on the choke but what he did after.I feel like Lux should've done surf like Bill Collector did Mike P in the third. Surf is like the Diana Ross of battle rap and we should not stand for that. If he ain't hungry no more stop feeding him.

  5. Surf skill set helped him get that star power. Surf creates scary movies thats why we tune in so I disagree. But at this point surf has to prepare better its out of hand


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