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CORTEZ just got done wrong/ y’all see this + K SHINE doesn't have an opponent

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Comment (21)

  1. Cortez and Ace shouldn’t even be in the same conversation, bruh! The truth is the URL will push whoever they want. Look how much we’ve been seen Tez this year. I bet ANY amount of money he’s in some kind of situation w/ the URL…

  2. … I see everyone going for Ace and I GET THAT He was Dope…. and (My Opinion) is Ok they BOTH CHOKED …But Core delivered his Material Clearly even as FIRE as Ace 2nd round was he still had slight Stumbles in that FIRE 2nd … I'm just saying

  3. This Battle was WWE from the beginning. I think all this was setup. From Caffeine setting up the $5000 bet & the Judges, The ending of Super fight, the results being leaked. It’s all setup. I think it’s all some WWE shit. Even down to the chokes. It’s all planned

  4. K shine might as well battle Fonz like Fonz Earn’t in that tournament, if anything shine could let off some steam…but still hoping Daylyt addresses him tho

  5. judges fuck up all the time, but Surf distain and pure hate for Cortez is sickening. He started the popularity over winning stuff within the culture. He's more Surf Bayless than Tsu Sharpe


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