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CORTEZ ON NOME X, SURF HAS THE ADVANTAGE ON THE STAGE" "LUX RDS FOR MILES ARE LAW" Cortez at Ultimate Madness Tournament URL’s Ultimate Madness One Offs, event THE TEAM Follow …


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  1. I haven't cared for Cortez much in skills as a battle rapper…. But I now have learned to respect him as a moral man for offering help to the new talent.. Solid!

  2. LUX will have a debatable 30 or a clear 2-1. theres levels to this…. with the climate of the world, this battle is more catered to Lux style. Surf CAN’T talk like Lux and Lux COULD talk like Surf.

  3. Cortez will always be solid in battle rap culture. Say what you want, he really for the culture and just wants to get better and push it along. He's not phased by the "mainstream" of it all, he'll battle you and give advice if you nice. I appreciate that as a battle rap fan.

  4. Personally i like surf …i like what lucks bring on camera …however i think when you see the best surf its when you never expect it..lux 2-1


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