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CRW Monday Night Rawk : Week 43

The Tournament for our wrestling royalty continues and we kick off Monday Night Rawk with Caro Joesph (Bad Skin) vs Corrina Fisches (Simply Brick) in the second match of the Queen of the ring tournament.

Then we go straight to Lee Ferguson (Urban Spells) vs Kevyn PT (BIG VEIN) as they re ignite an old rivalry after being the last 2 survivors in the Summer Slam Rumble in August!

Match number 3 of the evening will be in the tag tournament as Rob and Zach of BIGWIG taking on East coast Punk Rockers and former Tag Team Champions Greg and Tyler of The Follow Ups

We will have tag teams of The Planet Smashers Brutal Youth and The Penske File in a fun exhibitionists match to take part of the Stomp anniversary festivities!

Brie McWane (The Doped Up Dollies) takes on Tamara Mushroomera (Bad Skin) as we inch closer and closer to the last super show of the year!

Our Main Event for the night is going to be Christopher Swinney (That One Time On Tour Podcast) taking on Tom Petta (BIGWIG) in a one on one face off. Who’s cuisine will reign supreme as these these competitors use the secret ingredient to claim victory… the secret ingredient is BLOOD!

We hope that at some point in the evening we will get a response back from our World Champion Valerie Knox (Anti-Queens, Black Cat Attack) as a challenge was issued by label mate, Kenda Legaspi (The Creepshow), for a shot at the title!

Monday Night 7 pm, don’t be late!

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