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D.L. the Henny PAN says Adept HNIC is the reason nobody watches BATTLE RAP TRAP

DLTHEHENNYPAN #DLTHEPANNYMAN #BATTLERAPTRAP #URLMEDIA Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is …


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Comment (31)

  1. Pan right I see what he tryna say. Ppl getting bored with the 100 battle bloggers with no real difference and since adept has brought a supernatural entertainment aspect and created his own lane. He can pull this crap on anything btw battle rap is what he chooses . he could create many narratives on main stream music an movies and ppl gonna come who don't like supernatural entertainment.

  2. Yo ima say it now…I APOLOGIZE. I swear I feel like I been under a spell lately too ever since I denounced my faith in a higher power my life has BEEN GOING DOWN HILL FOR REAL FOR REAL! I need to say my peace with my god & I feel fucked up for not sticking with my faith when times got hard & EVEN THROUGH THIS TOUGH TIME IN MY LIFE THE WORSE ITS GOTTEN THE MORE YES I SAID THE “MORE” I BELIEVE IN A HIGHER POWER OF LIGHT THAT WATCHES OVER US!

  3. DL the henny pan? I’m weak bro. What niggas like panny don’t realize is whether they know it or not, they are involved in this shit. The masons, the illuminati, the jesuits, skull and bones, the elite elders of el, they all had levels within the fraternity. He thinks cuz he ain’t know that it’s fake. He ain’t there yet. Be patient DL. They just fucking other niggaz right now.


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